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Vaudeville Entertainment, USA, 1910s
Vaudeville Entertainment, USA, 1910s

Various Vaudeville acts performing on stage

American Troops, Pancho Villa Expedition, Mexico, 1910s
American Troops, Pancho Villa Expedition, Mexico, 1910s

President Wilson sent 5,000 men of the U.S. Army under the command of General Frederick Funston who oversaw John Pershing as he pursued Villa through Mexico. Employing aircraft and trucks for the first time in U.S. Army history, Pershing's force chased Villa until February 1917.[49] The search for Villa was unsuccessful.[11] However, some of Villa's senior commanders, including Colonel Candelario Cervantes, General Francisco Beltrán, Beltrán's son, Villa's second-in-command Julio Cárdenas, and a total of 190 of his men were killed during the expedition.

The Mexican population was against American troops in Mexican territories. There were several demonstrations of opposition to the Punitive Expedition and that counted towards the failure of that expedition